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in quite a sort of comic manner, long pauses between his sentences. >> yes. he's still quite an impressive formal menace delivery to his speech. >> some said he was -- that was his manner that he thinks before he speaks. his delivery is very different from his son. >> yes. but i think there's a feeling that maybe the reigns are passing from rupert to james, and that may be why the shares spiked yesterday. >> he is very polite, conscious of thanking his inquiz tores. >> yes. he seemed polished. but i think he needs to be more contrite and a bit more engaged. >> matthew freud is of course rupert murdoch's son-in-law. he denies any personal involvement in this but we did see a quite a bad part of strategy until the other big company was brought in. >> yes. a p.r. crisis from the beginning for news international and news corp. matthew freud does deny any involvement in it, and i think he tries to keep away from it being married to rupert murdoch's daughter. there are big global p.r. networks. so they should have an effect. >> thank you for speaking with us on that. and naomi is with us. in the
back to action after the long pause, and there is miguel tejada. not just a home run, but a grand slam to make it 10-0 giants. barry zito returned after the rain delay. bottom of the third, zito strikes out austin jackson to end the inning. he pitched six shutout innings, giants cruised 15-3 is your final. >> anything can happen, and a good thing to happen to our team right now. we're all together. and we don't try to run in the game. we try to outrun the other team. we know how great is our pitching. >> more baseball for you. d'backs tiking on the a's. chris young looking like an old veteran here. two-run home run. we go to the bottom of the eighth, a's down three now. hideki matsui. this man has been making contact lately. knocks in another run. 4-2 arizona at that point. the bottom of the ninth, last chance for the a's. d'backs win 4-2. >> just overall, this was not, you know a good inning -- it's not how you approach them if you want to win. it's been a long time since i lost two in a row. it just not the type of performance i expect out of myself. i'm better than a .500 pitcher. >
. in this instance, it was tom watson. one of the other features was the long pauses, and pauses in theater tend to be associated with chekhov and harold pinter. these were softened daunted -- these were self indulgent beyond that point. >> we spoke to a lawyer who worked for robert maxwell's sons when he faced and p.'s in the 1990's. >> to me, the most electrifying moment was james explaining the situation up until recently in trying to find a rationale for justifying it, and frankly failing miserably in that way. >> i know that certain legal fees were paid by the company, and i was surprised and shocked to learn that, as you are. >> that was the one moment when he was down. otherwise, i am afraid they did not plan any punches on him. >> was rupert murdoch's appearance garnered to gather s and eightympathy? -- to gather symptahy? >> it would be an extraordinary strategy, if it was the strategy, to go to rupert murdoch, the most powerful mobile in the world and say, we think, mr. murdoch, he should come across as slightly shambling, faltering, partially deaf old geezer. >> i think the idea at ab
. >> thank you. love you too. >> that's kind of extraordinary. i mean, a long pause there. >> well, we re-edited it. that didn't actually happen. we made that up. we edited all the long pauses. >> oh, i got it. >> yes. i love that you believed it, joe, too. >> i totally fell for it. >> that makes it even better. some people out there don't believe it. yes, we re-edited it. he wasn't that stoned that he was totally silent and then singing. >> oh, joe, it never gets old. >> i know. >> sorry, joe. >> it just keeps coming back again and again. you know, now i'm on the ridiculist. >> no, you're not on the ridiculist now. so, texas, come on. don't mess with willie nelson or the else you get a token spot on the ridiculist. so, joe, thanks for being a good sport about it. we'll be right back with breaking news on casey anthony. e pain relieving cream. it blocks pain signals fast for relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. hiwhere we build eachre it all sof our customers. a better banking experience. here, we're working on something really special in our
i'm rhonda kristy or do you know rhonda patricia kristy, then there was a long pause. >> when we first told her story, we thought nothing could ever top this. we were wrong. >> when i looked at the e-mail, i just couldn't even believe it. >> something quite incredible happened after our show ended. and now after so many tears, so many years, so many turns in pepper's story. >> i was like wow. >> there are still more stunning twists to be revealed. >> it's amazing. the best gift ever. >> it's amazing. the best gift ever. >> lost and found. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, become to "dateline." i'm ann curry. you may remember our story about a girl abducted at age four and raised by her kidnapper. for the next four decades she searched for her family, her name, herself. when we first ran this story, it had an extraordinary ending. but turns out that ending was just the beginning. here is keith morrison. ♪ >> here is where the story began, with the mother of a teenage daughter, with a woman who had spent most of her life trying to figure out who she
close friends out there but i won't be coming out, dom, until i get some work. there was this long pause. he said, well, i hope it's soon. >> who told you that he had passed away when? did you get the news and how? how did it come to you? >> i heard it on the news. you actually went into such mourning that for a week i couldn't move. i couldn't get up, i couldn't eat. i couldn't walk around. i think i let a lot of people down because i couldn't go out there it was a year before i went and saw them. it was so devastating to me. alost a lot of great friends. never one as close as dom. dom maz more than a brother. he was my child. he was my brother. he was thrilling to be around. i took him to the fights one time and i realized when we got there it was the first time he had ever been there. we were in the dressing room lots of these guys were there, his eyes were like this. he didn't say a word. they escorted us down to right ring side. this never happens very often. the guy got knocked out of the ring and landed on the desk right in front of us. dom said, are we winning? >> like he could g
- ii they've ound rigbby &::99ddd you find her? (loon pause)dispatcher: did yyu find her? (long pause) dispatcher: 33, did youufind 31? 44 then... in the idst of the &pchaos... n unexpected &preepoose from rigby herself. rigbb 3:03 this is 31! 5 dispatccee: gooahead! 06 it & heard from the injured offiier. 3cclleaaues... ffnally locatee her. offiier: 3:22 yoo gottaa go through the peppi plant. &pshe's inssie the pepsiipllnt 3 30 butt butt butt officerr 6:51 she is conscioos, but we neee that medic. dispatcher: 10-4. medics n rute. 57 fractured just about eeery poneeon the left side of her - bodyy she's now in rehab... and is expected o recover. so far... no charges have been - filed in the rash. live in nooth?? altimore, ms, fox45 news at ten. -33 3 you can heer more of the 9-1-1 - calls onlinn.go to fox- & baltimore dot com slash raww news 3 casey nthony could be preleased from jail tomorrow.... ...and one juror says shees sick abouttacquittinn her. her. yesterday - jury &pfounn her ánotá guilty of killing her daaghter, c
is not buying this story. it is taking very long pauses to think about what to say in response to the insanity that is coming her way. if you work in a government office that is open to the public, dealing with crazy people politely is part of the job. there's no reason to assume that she believed a word the preposttrous figure was saying. if she has for some reason followed what the irish call "the troubles," she would know that at no point in her lifetime have 25 ira members been shot, and that no member of the ira has been shot in the last three and a half years. also sharing any information shaun murphy told her would be illegal. >> now, one thing you need to know about medicaid is that everything is confidential. >> uh-huh. >> any information, unless someone brings a subpoena to subpoena the records, then no information goes anywhere if anybody walked in the door and asked me questions, i'd tell them that federal law prohibits me from discussing any part of this. like i said, somebody would have to come here and subpoena our information in order for us to divulge any information. >> okay.
friends out there. but i will not come out until i get work. >> and there was a long pause. i hope it is soon. >> who told you that he had passed away. when did you get the news and how did that come to you? >> i heard it on the news. i actually went into such mourning that for a week, i couldn't, i couldn't move. i couldn't eat or get around. i think i let a lot of people down. i couldn't go out to there. it was a year before i went and saw -- it was so devastating to me. i lost a lot of great friends, but never one as close as dom. dom was more than a brother. he was my child. he was my brother. he was thrilling to be around. i took him to the fights one time and i realized when i got there, that was the first time he had ever been there and we were in the dressing room and watching them come in and his eyes were like this and he didn't say a word . they escorted rightt ring side . this never happened very awn. maybe once in every 200 fights and the guy was knocked out of the ring and landed on the desk right in front of us . dom said, are we winning? only he could get away with
? then there was a long pause. >> this is who she was talking to. his name is bob christie. >> i almost dropped the phone. she knew i hesitated. she said this is your daughter rhonda. and there was something that clicked in my mind that the voice rang a bell. >> he called to my mom, barbara, to pick up the phone, said rhonda is on the phone. she picked up the phone, first thing out of her mouth was shirley stole you. >> pepper was shaking inside and out. >> i went into the most emotions i've ever had in my entire life ever. >> the memories were true, or so it certainly seemed. she got on a plane for ohio. they were all, of course, 37 years older, and in a way strangers now. but here they were. all the images she had clung to infa fantasy and dreamed about r 37 years. >> there you are in your bath. >> all those rolls. >> you was a chubby little baby. >> and happy. >> look at you, just learning to walk and smiling the whole way. you had a good life, honey. >> i know. >> so it was happy and sad, comforting. but also deeply strange, because sitting on this couch, pepper heard some stunning revelations, such
♪ love you, willie. >> love you, too. [ laughter ] >> that's kind of extraordinary. i mean, long pause there. >> well, we reedited it. that didn't actually happen. yeah. we made up that. we edited all the pauses together. >> oh, i got it. >> i love that you believed it, joe, too. >> i totally fell for it. >> that makes it even better. well, some people out there don't believe it. yes, we reedited. he wasn't that stoned that he was totally silent and then singing. >> oh, joe, it never gets old. >> i know. it just keeps coming back again and again. you know? now i'm on the ridiculist. >> no. you're nop not on the ridiculist. but so texas, come on. don't mess with willie nelson or else you get a token spot on the ridiculist. so joe, thanks for being a good sport about it. we'll be right back. >> hey, that's it for 360. i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. [ male announcer ] jetta tdi clean diesel. the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. ♪
between rupert murdoch and his son james. when rupert murdoch answered, yes, there were some very long pauses and you wondered whether perhaps he'd forgotten the question. but then would come the definitive answer. no. yes. we will do it. i haven't thought about it. i wasn't informed about it. it's not my responsibility. and then you get james murdoch, when he answered, long, rambling answers, that seemed to just go round in circles. circumlocution of the worst sort. the difference between the two was quite -- i found was quite noticeable. what we got from rupert murdoch i think today was a -- was a man who has been fairly shocked by what has been discovered. after all, as you said, he's been doing it for five decades. he has more than 200 papers. he was brought up in a newspaper newsroom since he was knee high to agrasshopper. for him to witness an unacceptable, deplorable activities, one can see how this is. where does this all take us from where we heard today? frankly not much further. because what we didn't get was an account of how these men and rebekah brooks allowed or created
"sing, america! sing, america!" and there's a long pause and a couple voices start. and more voices chime in. and all of a sudden, 10,000 people are singing "america." and they sing it, and they go home, they go to the camps, and there are camps everywhere, all the way over to haynes point, all over, northeast. and they all go back. and everybody in washington breathes a deep sigh of relief. these guys are going to go home the next day. it's all over. they make a good show. they make a couple of bad assumptions. the leading one is it's assume bid many in the senate and elsewhere in the hierarchy that these people actually have a place to go home to. when in fact many of them are here because there is no home, there's no place they're really from any more. they've lost their possessions, their houses. and waters gets up the next morning. and in a moment of brilliant propaganda, holds a press conference and says, we're not leaving until 1945. or if you pass the bonus. and this sets off this tremendous sort of, you know, secondary reaction to these guys. and whathes going to happen nex
. and you'll see that yes, that might have been his general demeanor. very long pauses before answers. but when those answers came, they were clear, they were definitive. no, i don't take ultimate responsibility. i didn't do this. i was misled and betrayed. and the feeling generally from what i've read in the comment and the analysis is that whatever he may have on the surface looked like, here was rupert murdoch doing what he had to do, doing it honestly and sincerely about the million dollar hacking of the dead girl's phone. but obviously with a wider agenda. >> so jeff, i mean, so he apologized. he said he was humbled. but he did not take responsibility. what do you make of that, jeff toobin? >> i think his problem is not really legal at this point. it's a business problem. he has to figure out a way to keep control for his family of the news corp. i mean, i don't think there is any direct criminal responsibility, either -- certainly not in the united states, and probably not in great britain, either. but he has to persuade the so-called independent directors of news corp. who are
to say, i don't know why we didn't do this a long time ago. [ pause ] >> you're saying that with a straight face. >> it is the truth. [ laughter ] >> what's going on over there? >> you'll do anything for a ribbon-cutting. i'll leave it at that. >> so phil, i'm guessing you're in the a big fan of the project then? >> i have questions about it because every time we have these reports that people take a look at it. they say they can't afford it, it's probably going to stretch muni to the breaking point but every politician in this city -- >> first and foremost. >> -- from nancy pelosi on down have signed off on this. >> and nancy has been very helpful because most of the money for the central subway comes from the feds and the state. the city is almost not in at all. we don't raise the debt ceiling we won't be able to afford it. >> i know where you're going. >> you're going to hear a lot more about this. stay tuned, sunday morning 7:30. we are going to hear in these guys. thanks for coming in. >>> t-minus 1.5 hours and counting. the chances today's final space launch may
away. for a long time, for 31 days she did. >>greg: i was trying to be facetious. we will pause for a quick break and have our panel weigh in own their final thought, how long it could take to reach a verdict. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster a complete four course seafood feast for $15. start with soup then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15. right now at red lobster. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. >>greg: almost four hours of deliberations inside the courthouse in orlando, florida, in the murder trial of casey anthony murder trial. and now, we will get the impressions of our legal panel. lis, it is like reading a crystal ball or tea leaves. you can never know how long. what do you think? >>guest: i don't think it will be quick. i think this jury was attentive and they will take time. they realize it is a capital case. it
at the plate, sort of admires his home run. it's a slight pause but it's long enough to make the indians mad. there you see it there. cleveland sends a message and they throw the next pitch at billy butler's head. um ump tosses the pitcher. both benches clear. nothing happened. order restored. no one ejected after that. butler gets the last laugh, hits the second home run and royals easily win. >> come on. why not? if you hit a grand slam, stand there and admire, that was a half second. some of these rules in baseball, unwritten rules, and then they toss it at the guy's head because of that half second pause. are you kidding me? >> ticky tacky. >> it is ticky tacky. >> i'm from colorado, rodeo guy, no bulls at this rodeo. an equipment operator rodeo in idaho falls, i do who. the video is less than thrilling. they're backhoes, go like ten miles an hour. >> tell us more about this one, joe. >> all kinds of events. backhoe tire stacking, navigate through courses. the top prize ford f-250. >> i'm sorry we're out of time. >> mr. facetious this morning. all right. >> good to see you as always. clo
these customers. in the long term we have new infrastructure designed and at some point will be put in service in the community. >> the center looked into buying an automatic generator. but the $6500 price tag gives us a pause. >>> log on to abc2news.com/weather for the latest forecast and all the weather alerts. coming up later in the show, we'll have a look at how the rest of the country is handling the heat. >>> a baby sitter doing the job she was hired to do is missing with a 7-month-old baltimore boy. cheryl o'conner is live with the story. >> reporter: tonight we join you from glen hurst street in the 1100 block. this the area where the boy was last seen on friday. it is where he is family will gather tonight to pray for his safe return. meantime, police have given us these photos of the 7-month-old boy and the baby sitter. police tell us today she may be the area of prince george's county or montgomery county. the parents contacted police saying their son was in her care between 5:00 and 5:30 friday evening and hasn't been seen since. homicide detectives are investigating. we are told t
that his lawyers cannot understand. he said that he wants to do it, and it takes him so long to talk. he literally pauses for 30 seconds before he continues into the second sentence. this trial could last forever. the judge has agreed to it, and lord knows what will happen. >> this is not the first time that he actually fired his lawyers? >> reporter: well, that's right. in this case, he has fired numerous lawyers. and the judge was thinking that he was doing this because he wanted to delay the trial. he said if you are going to represent yourself, and fire your lawyers again, you are not going to delay the trial. it's going to start today. he said i need a few days. and the prosecution said we don't object to a few days, start monday. the jury is ready to go and they have been sitting in the courtroom since 9:00 a.m. central time, and either way the trial will begin shortly and warren jeffs will be representing himself in court. >> he is a man full of surprises. we learned that over the years. gary, thank you so much. >>> any minute now, we would like to remind you house speaker john bo
that had been living there a long time no matter live there or can forward to that live pause price have gone out of reach for many people. >> in one sentence we wanted to seat back to insreuf especiallien and resuperintendent tate the arrival corridors. with very brought a a problem by bringing in the combo, and the young, eye brand peop. >>> you try to bring it up. and the prices naturally flow up on a natural basis. sometimes we are our own worst enemy when we try to do community development work. >> i thought we had a process with developers where we said to them if you're going to come in and give you all the permits and grease the kids for you. you have to create a certain amount of housing in the middle of your tkwaoplt anymore. >> that's done skwrurbz by mod district. it has an collusion ear version program where it must be available. that's jurisdiction by jurisdiction. we don't have a region average or regional problem to change that. >> can cog change that? are you statistic. we know again continue to week with the housing. but they wouldn't do that. >> what holdses them back?
it sends a powerful message, that if you carry a gun, and you break the law, you'll face a long sentence. >> reporter: redd does face a hearing if he asks to be released. >>> nfl lockout. right now, the ball is in the players' hands. >> well, mary, today brings pause to the process. the players say they will have no statement today as they and the rest of the league pay respect to myra craft, the late wife of robert kraft. hir funeral was held today in the boston area, with both sides attending the service. each gathered. they went over the rules of how to proceed with free agent signings and general personnel moves over the collective bargaining agreement. but transactions are not allowed until this agreement is ratified by the players. it is something not expected to happen today but could come on monday. >> they want to make sure the details are right. we'll hear from ravens' dawn tay stalworth later. >>> one preseason game has already been canceled because of the lockout. it's widely believed that if training camps don't start up by wednesday, more games could be canceled. >>> still
brother? [pause] >> cordero put his hand over his mouth as he thought about his older brother, one of the missing fishermen. >> we have all been friends for a long time. >> his friends stood by him as he wiped away the tears. >> this is the picture of shawn, the father of two was celebrating his 49th birthday of the boat capsized and family members are not sure if he had a life vest. the family did receive a phone call from one of the fishermen on the boat. there were told that shawn was one of the first ones who was able to make it off of the bold, but when the ball hit the water that is when a friend loss this side of sean. >> what is going through my mind is that he is sitting on an island cracking crabs, drinking coconut milk and waiting for someone to come get him. >> he says his brother is a strong person and avid fisherman and they're praying that he will come home soon in time for the birth his grandchild. >> stay with kron4 and kron4.com as we continue to follow the latest on the capsized boat in the missing americans. >> we have breaking weather coming out of phoen
them into the wild so they can live long, fulfilling lives. aw, really? no. [ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ >>> norwegians pause today for the victims of friday's attacks. in oslo, the capital city and the site of one attack, nearly 200,000 people joined in a memorial procession and a number of significant developments in the investigation and attacks. at a court hearing, the suspect, 32-year-old anders breivik pleaded not guilty. two counts of terrorism. the hearing with you closed to. public before afterwards, the judge said despite the plea, he acknowledged carrying out the bombing in downtown oslo and a mass shooting at a nearby island. the judge said breivik claims to have worked with accomplices or as he told can court, quote, two more cells in our organization. police refuse to confirm that detail and yesterday top police officials say breivik told investigators he acted alone so it's a contradiction. and then the so-called manifesto that has his name on it. cnn has not independently confirmed he wrote this 1,500
of the pauses he gave today, you probably had time to drive a double decker bus through, they took so long. however, when he did speak, some of those comments they just went straight to the heart of it. his final statement, it is wrong to phone hack, it is wrong to pay the police. no excuses. time and again, when it mattered, rupert murdoch actually came out with the strong, hard answers. there's the other moments when someone decided to shove shaving foam in his face, which caused a certain amount of commotion. but rupert murdoch just carried on. he reminded us, he had 200 papers. he's been in the business 57 years. it is a foolish person that actually believes rupert murdoch is down and out. >> is this a case of executive ignorance? or straight up lying. and who will take the fall? coming up next, legal implications of the murdoch hacking scandal including how they may have been coached, prepped before going into the fire this morning. luxurious volume with a light-as-air feel. we took out a heavy synthetic and put in a light touch of beeswax. up with the volume, down with the weight. la
was carrying for purposes one wouldn't specifically expect from shaving foam. >> all right. we shall pause there, jonathan, because as we are talking, i see that the picture has now returned and unless i'm mistaken, the hearing is resuming. let's rejoin the chairman. >> -- for a long time. i would like to apologize on behalf of the committee for the way you have been treated. i will make a report to the speaker and i assure you, we will take action to try and find out how that was able to occur. but it is extremely good of you to agree to continue the session and to allow my colleague just to finish her questions. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> if i may start by saying, mrs. murdoch, i said on sky news when discussing your initial appearance, it would have showed guts and leadership for you to show up today and answer questions. i must say i think it shows immense guts, mr. rupert murdoch, for you to continue answering questions now under the circumstances, and i thank you for it. >> thank you. >> my questions will be just as tough as they would have b
Search Results 0 to 47 of about 48 (some duplicates have been removed)